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And Andrew Shue, 25, and Courtney Thorne-Smith, 25, are reportedly sweethearts not just on in 1942.

(For some history, see photos, page 94.) “It doesn’t happen on the [studio] lot so much,” says screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, himself a player in the Sliver shenanigans.

“People act like since they’re in a different area code, nothing counts.” Still, at least one well-known director thinks all these couplings and uncouplings matter a lot.

“In the past, [actors] didn’t have as many affairs when they went on different movies,” Francis Ford Coppola said recently.

Her fans saw her as the character she played in , a comic love story that opened last Friday, took exactly 10 weeks to shoot.

The gag-laden tale of an unlikely artificial insemination invoking a while car salesman and a black bookstore owner came in on time and on budget.

“It’s hot in retrospect.” Said Made director Richard Benjamin: “I knew that what was happening in front of my camera was good.

It wasn’t syrupy lovey-dovey stuff, just genuine.” While becoming enamored of Danson and Goldberg, many on the set failed to notice that the two stars were falling in love with each other.

A close observer might have seen the spark struck a full two years before shooting began when the two appeared on the same night on .

Says one techie: “I was stunned at how easy and pleasant it was to work with them.

There was an extreme affection and respect between them.

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