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In verbose mode [Command V] I could at least get a first hint of the problem, as it showed “Still waiting for root device” every few seconds in an infinite loop.

This error was again present, when I inserted my prior with Diskmaker X prepared USB-stick and booted from it.

I found the most recent firmware update for Intel SSDs but I couldn’t get a bootable stick running with my mac (don’t ask me how the guy from Diskmaker X is doing it :).

According to the discussion in this guide‘s comment section, it’s got something to do with the Intel Hardware and the Efi-Bios – I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

However, once initialized and booted, an NVMe/PCIe SSD such as the Intel 750 series will offer performance that is up to 4x that of SATA SSDs.

In the message board post that advised of the firmware update, Intel staff posted a link to their , which is where the firmware is currently available.

Earlier this month, Intel launched the SSD 530 series that will take the place of the existing 520 SSDs, and in a way also the 335 series of Intel SSDs.After formatting the hard drive in 3 different ways using a windows laptop and my usb hard drive case, the hard drive still didn’t show up.I only found the next oddity, namely the SSD was detected on my mac perfectly fine while inside the hard drive case.Intel staff assured that they were working on the problem, and via the message board they have just announced availability of a firmware update that is reported to improve boot times significantly.It is not unusual for PCIe drives to take longer to boot than SATA drives, as that is a characteristic of PCIe–connected devices in that they take longer to initialize.

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I’ve read before somewhere that a firmware upgrade requires the hard drive to be connected by a proper SATA connector, so I tried putting the SSD inside the windows laptop and that FINALLY did do the trick!

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