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Co-written by Karma84Retired Agent David Rossi is a guest lecturer for the new class of cadets at the FBI Academy in Quantico. There he meets the captain of the Basketball team Aaron Hotchner. While Hotch's mother Helen is mortified that Hotch brought Reid along as his "Plus One", they find comfort and support in strangers...There, he meets the prodigal genius that Jason Gideon discovered, the young Dr. And their relationship stems from there, but will Will's ex boyfriend make an appearance? attending the wedding also reminds them that their own will be upon them soon enough.What she doesn't realize is that he also has a secret of his own. *Shenny*During the time when Leonard's at the North Sea, Sheldon and Penny kind of develop a sleeping pattern that just might have an interesting outcome.Takes place right after Sheldon and Penny's phone call with Leonard in 07x01: The Hofstadter Insufficiency and goes from there.So Penny's left in Pasadena with only Sheldon as her geeky neighbor. The particular knight in question is a little slow in sweeping.Can someone they least expect help give them a broom?The BAU is called in by the University of Maine PD on a string of campus murders that have the community in shock. For the CCOAC "Death Fic" challenge-Character Death. Who really wants revenge, though-Sheldon, or Penny?

Without the experiences that made him "Sheldon" how will he react to those who've betrayed him, mocked him and loved him? When he learns that Penny has been hospitalized, he drops everything to return to Pasadena and help her. Will a slightly altercation render life as he knows it meaningless?

Spinoff of the Let Me In Series - Spencer Reid is blasted by an experimental machine, which reverses time for him... It is discovered that he will age again at a rate of approximately 1 year's worth per day. Why does Sheldon wear two shirts everyday in sunny California? Begins immediately after Leonard and Sheldon's confrontation at Penny's apartment in episode 3.01 the Electric Can Opener Fluctuation.

But someone will need to care for him while he ages again. Will be 25 chapters A bump to the head brings out a side of Penny that Sheldon never expected, but finds fascinating. WARNING: Death of minor characters, and some sexual situations. SP/HG AUBK7Spencer Reid is having the worst day of his life, made even more terrible by haunting memories of another agent that won't let him go. Penny thinks that Sheldon needs revenge for what happened in the Arctic.

But can they make it out at the other end unscathed? Fluffy and cheesy Shenny, I needed a break from the previous bloodshed stories...)Sheldon had one rule to follow. But as the illness progresses and even leads to him collapsing at work, Reid is forced to face a life threatening disease and the rest of the team is faced with the possibility of losing their resident genius forever. Penny moves back home temporarily when her father is hospitalized. Missy feeling like her life is going nowhere despite the guy she dreamed of. Seeing her future that's she's not sure she wants, decides to see Sheldon. Penny's sister is in a terrible car accident and Penny volunteers to take care of her 12-year-old nephew while her sister recovers. Leonard and Amy are not happy with either development. The presence of the young werewolf is not welcome... The team get a case that hits a little too close to home in more ways than one."I think that Elle wasn't exactly truthful in her psych evaluation," Reid said quietly.

Sequel to "Mystery Muse."As the last straw in their failing relationship, Leonard makes a marriage-wrecking proposal to Penny at the Van-Nuys Comicon (Different take on the 10x06 episode, the Fetal Kick Catalyst). Penny is having a bad day, and she needs a shoulder to cry on. Do not get involved with her and everybody will be happy. *Set around season seven*A series of one shots dealing with times Loki decides or is asked to de-age Reid once more. Features the entire team plus Will, Henry, and eventually Jack. Harry comes home from school and Petunia is upset at the change in her nephew. Chaos ensues when not one but both of her nerdy next-door neighbors try to help. Who she then runs into Penny who feels her pain as she feels the same way and connects with and helps her brother win Penny's love. Secrets about Penny's life in Nebraska are revealed and things will never be the same. Beverly Hofstadter comes to visit and she knows things. That's what JJ and Hotch think until Hotch is in a terrible accident causing him to lose the last ten years of his life. but when Hotch learns that Spencer Reid was raised by a human mother after being abandoned by his werewolf father, he takes him under his wing. "And I think that sending her undercover, even with the heaviest backup possible, especially when she will have to be on her own…" he stammered.

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Hotch has suggested a family Christmas to Spencer, that means their mothers are coming, and to Spencer, that spells disaster.

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