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At the age of 20 I was employed as teacher in a small village.The school was run as a so-called comprehensive school, i.e.Pestalozzi contradicted such views with the doctrine on man that I have explained in detail in the The Fundamental Ideas of Pestalozzi.He is convinced that despite the many individual differences and despite the constant change in social conditions, there is still something in man that is constant and eternal, something in the life of every individual that retains its validity regardless of social change.

Pestalozzi often describes this constant, eternal element as human nature, and often quite simply as nature.How this looks in practice therefore depends on the person who has to make the decision, and is therefore partly subjective.For this reason it might be useful for the reader to have some brief details about my life.For this reason I will not explain here how Pestalozzi or his colleagues taught in those days, but will attempt to show how lessons look today if they are arranged in the spirit of Pestalozzi.For, what interests us today about Pestalozzi and what can still be put into practice today is not exactly what was done at Pestalozzis schools (in Burgdorf or Yverdon) but his general principles of teaching and education.

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The teaching of language was always one of my major concerns during the 43 years I was involved in teaching and I discovered that the application of Pestalozzis principles leads to success.

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