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(Think of it like you're in a group of surfers waiting for a break.) Just be aware of your surroundings, and don't barrel in front of anyone getting ready to make a run.**5. **Most experienced climbers are happy to share pointers, which are known to climbing nerd as "beta." So don't hesitate to ask for tips from anyone who looks like he knows his way around.your hands—if you're a reasonably fit dude going for the first time, your fingers will most likely become sore, chapped, and torn up long before the rest of you does.That's why you should have a chalk bag and dust your hands early and often. **Your arms are some of your weakest muscles, no matter how many pull-ups you've done in your doorframe, and thus they should be the last you want to use at any given time.If neither of you have gone rock climbing before, even better.It's also quite unique so many women haven't gone rock climbing before in any context, and almost certainly not on a date.

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