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Aislinn isn't coming because she has homework and a few other people don't join us for various reasons."You know you should be at Aislinn's place helping her with homework and then asking her out," Daniel remarks as he sits down next to me."Who is Luke asking out?" Alicia asks sitting with us and then Jahmil joins us."Ais, they were flirting on the tour," Jahmil answers."I'm not asking her out she doesn't date people she works with, you all know as well as I do she has that policy," I affirm."She only has that policy because she doesn't want it to get messy if your characters start dating on the show because that often leads to disaster. Clare and Eli always come back together," Jahmil comments."He's got a point Drew and Clare are not likely to hookup and your characters have barely had scenes together that weren't group scenes.After blocking and walking through a few more group scenes we're let go for the day but we have a 7am call time tomorrow morning.Most of us are hanging out; we almost always go out together after the they call wrap for the day.This is not every actor on the entire series only the ones for season 12 and the ones I will mainly be using in this story:*Aislinn Paul ~ nickname Ais ~ portrays Clare Edwards*Luke Bilyk ~ portrays Drew Torres*Jordan Todosey ~ nickname Jordy ~ portrays Adam Torres*Munro Chambers ~ portrays Eli Goldsworthy (Munro's nicknames are Munreezy and/or Munbreezy but I refuse to call him either of those so I'll stick with Munro in this story)*Justin Kelly ~ nickname JK ~ portrays Jake Martin*Jessica Tyler ~ nickname Jess ~ portrays Jenna Middleton*Daniel Kelly ~ portrays Owen Milligan*Alicia Josipovic ~ nicknames Leesh or Leeshy ~ portrays Bianca De Sousa*Melinda Shankar ~ nickname Mindy ~ portrays Alli Bhandari*Jahmil French ~ portrays Dave Turner*Sam Earle ~ portrays K. Guthrie*AJ Saudin ~ portrays Connor De Laurier*Chloe Rose ~ portrays Katie Matlin*Demetrius Joyette ~ nickname D Mo ~ portrays Mike Dallas*Paul Popowich ~ portrays Asher Shostak*Stefan Brogren ~ portrays Principal Simpson (also produces and directs)*Craig Arnold ~ portrays Luke Baker*Annie Clark ~ portrays Fiona Coyne*Cristine Prosperi ~ portrays Imogen Moreno*Sarah Fisher ~ portrays Becky Baker*Olivia Scriven ~ portrays Maya Matlin*Ricardo Hoyos ~ nickname Sunny ~ portrays Zig Novak*Lyle Lettau ~ portrays Tristan Milligan*Dylan Everett ~ nickname Dyl ~ portrays Campbell Saunders*Alex Steele ~ portrays Tori Santamaria*Jacob Neayem ~ nickname Jake ~ portrays Mo Mashkour*Shanice Banton ~ nickname Shan ~ portrays Marisol Lewis*Ramona Milano ~ portrays Audra Torres If you guys want a glossary of the show biz terms I use let me know I will include it with the next chapter. 1 I Will go Where You Lead(LUKE)"Hey Luke," AJ smiles when I walk into the studio."Hi AJ," I grin and we walk down to the reading room.Okay that should do it and I'm sure most of you knew all of that already but just in case I didn't want anyone to get confused. Ais is in the room already, she's next to the drinks table and talking to Jordy.This story is a work of fiction and for entertainment purposes only.

Could there be an off screen romance brewing or will fears & pragmatics get in the way?

" Daniel asks."I'm guessing on the tour they were flirting a lot on the tour," Jahmil comments."Have you asked her out yet?

" Daniel questions."No you know how she feels about dating people she works with," I remind them."Yeah but she broke up with her last boyfriend over six months ago because he didn't like her busy schedule. " Jahmil asks."Yeah Henry he was a music major," I nod."K so he couldn't take her schedule and they went to school together but you two work together and you've known her a long time," Daniel says nudging me and sort of pushing me over to Ais who just sat down at a table with Jordy and Sam."Just go over there and ask her out," Jahmil insists."I'm not going over there now and she's not going to say yes," I argue getting in line to get some food."Then go find out if she's going to hang out with all of us tonight and ask her out then," Jahmil asserts. There the only extras currently on set but we're not filming today we're just rehearsing and blocking.

It is much harder to write for real people than for characters.

Important things to know before reading:*This takes place during the filming of season 12 and may continue beyond that*Jessica and Munro are dating but Daniel and Mindy are not for this story Mindy & Justin are dating*Starts shortly after the Party with De Grassi tour*Please see note above*The rest, including relationships, are in the story so enjoy Because this story involves the actors not the characters I'm including a list of actors along with their nicknames (that I'm aware of if they have any) simply for reference although I imagine most of you know this information already.

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Stefan begins by reading the episode title, the slugline, action and character name before the dialog. No big surprises in this episode but we're all happy we don't have the school uniforms anymore.

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