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However, the main harms associated with screening mammography relate to potential death from radiation-induced breast cancer.

An “84% sensitivity rate of mammography alone was increased to 95% when infrared imaging was added.” This indicates that thermal imaging detects “vascular and metabolic changes,” rather than simply tumor size.

She mentioned the pressure on women to be compliant with the screening program, and the psychological fallout upon hearing a diagnosis of cancer.

Those in whom cancer is detected will not like her conclusion: “we do not know how to treat breast cancer.

In other words, it detects tumors in earlier stages., notes the increasing evidence “relating to the risks inherent in using mammography for breast screening...

The risks from radiation produced by mammography are far greater than the proponents of this test are aware of or have been promoting to women...mammography X-rays use a low energy form of ionising radiation which causes greater biologic damage than the high energy X-ray... also extends its screening practice by taking two or more mammograms per breast annually in postmenopausal women.

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