Performance standard of relihiyon at kultura sa asya

Ang sabi ko, sa order ko sa pulis pati military: ‘go out and hunt for them. But before I assumed office and there were a lot of killings, you review the newspapers or ‘yung internet lang ninyo.

Pagkatapos, if you are confronted with a violent resistance, thereby placing your life on the line, shoot them dead.’ Alam nating lahat ‘yan. Why do you have to risk the lives of my policemen and my soldiers? Pero ‘yung sabi na pinatay, you must remember that I started the campaign against drugs 2 months after I assumed office.

Although I’m not into oratory or something, I just have… But there are so many things I’d like to talk to you about and it would take me a little bit longer than usual. Danny Yang; Governor Pineda; Mayor Morales; members of the Prosecutors League of the Philippines; honored guests; fellow workers in government; mga kasama ko sa gobyerno. Tapos kinuha niya ‘yung pamangkin niya kasi anak ng kapatid niyang babae. In the merry making, because it was a reunion, Christmas party of the family, nawala bigla. Akala ko na, talagang alam ko may ano…for I thought it was between the husband and the wife. Sabi niya na, “Alam mo, Rod, nakalimutan ko ‘yung 45 ko na baril sa desk ko.” Sa bahay niya, may opisina siya. Sabi ko, if you bring in drugs into my city, I will kill you. So widespread that people were surrendering just because I told them papatayin ko talaga kayo; pati ‘yung mga powerful, mga politicians. Kasi pag magdaan ‘yang mayor diyan, naka…may mga sundalo, may mga pulis with long arms.

Usually, ‘yung PMS, Presidential Management Staff, prepares a speech. [laughter] So maghiwalay-hiwalay na tayo in about a minute and a half. ‘Yun ‘yung first blast ko sa, itong krimen ng mga durugista. And the boy, who was 16 years old, was raping his 20-year-old sister. But pati kayo, alam ko pati kayo, ako noon sa Davao, akala ko it was a serious problem in my city prompting me to just warn everybody. It was a virulent thing going around, it was an epidemic actually or pandemic if you may. Pero sabi ko, huwag mong sirain ang siyudad ko, talagang papatayin kita. look, tingnan mo ang ginagawa mo sa mga anak namin…it was only after I became President na lumabas ang totoo and I was appalled by the dimension of the contamination.

But what I’m interested to know is how many of those of the four million now are – plus – naging gunggong.

I have no obligation to lie, bakit ako lie-lie diyan? I am not trying to attribute anything, not even the Omubudsman; wala pa naman noon ‘yan eh. Six of which million was my majority over the next guy behind me. Sabi niya, “Pare pumunta ka dito sa bahay ko.” Umiiyak. Can we just talk about it tomorrow, it’s three o’clock in the morning.” Sabi niya, “Pare, kung pwede lang.” Hangyo. But you know the way things are being processed there, somehow hindi maganda. So what could be the reason why I won and yet to get that number, the sheer number over my next opponent. And that was about four years ago, three and a half. And sabi niya in Manila, it’s about 92 percent of the barangays are contaminated. ] naguusap kami, alam nila ‘yan, talagang galit ako.

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[laughter] ‘Yang pag ka ganoon, kayong mga asawa, huwag mo nang pakialaman.

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