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These two goats will always hold a special place in our hearts for setting us on a path we could have never imagined 10 years ago! Sometimes 4 generations of does nap together in the sun.

We can not imagine culling older goats or baby goats, as this would ruin the joy of watching these families together.

We allow our kids to spend ever day with their dams nursing as much as they want and only separate them at night to give the moms a break and to help the kids learn to eat grain and hay before they go to new homes.

This also lets us milk the dairy goats in each morning.

This 24/7 webcam is one more way we would like to open the farm to visitors so that you can see first hand what distinct personalities these animals have and help us to remind others of the debt of kindness we owe all animals we domesticate.

I have been so touched by people's caring and concern for our goats and know others would be too!

We giggle when folks visiting ask us if all the goats have names.

Not only do they all have names, they all have distinct calls we know even from the kitchen, they each have preferences for their favorite treats, and places they most love to be scratched.

There are lots of hot words in the sustainable food movement.

Rocky rested his head in the man's palm and was still and quiet for the whole 45 minute visit!

This little wether would be culled on many dairy farms, but on that day and many others the joy he brought was invaluable.

We make time throughout the year for free farm visits because we think it is essential for people to feel connected to their food sources.

If you would like to make a donation to the farm to support this Open Door Educational approach and our Retired Dairy Goats see donation link below.

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