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Over the years, some of the world’s most famous dinosaur fossils have been found here, including an Apatosaurus, a Diplodocus, a Stegosaurus, and an Allosaurus.Visitors to Dinosaur Ridge can see these dino skeletons on display in the Dinosaur Ridge Exhibit Hall, along with interesting signage detailing local geology, a volcanic ash bed, nearby trace fossils, and other paleontological and geological features.A variety of nature trails are available to see the fossils, and visitors intent on seeing them all can camp at the comfortable Grove Lake campsite.South Dakota’s massive Badlands National Park contains some of the biggest fossil concentrations on the planet.It’s for these types of people that we’ve found the 30 most impressive fossil sites in North America. Some are big national parks, where digs and fossil discovery are just a fraction of everything offered.

Hundreds of remarkably preserved skeletons have been found here, including prehistoric camels, tortoises, horses, and even rhinos.

Despite their many differences, these 30 sites do have one thing in common: they provide stunning and impressive glimpses into a fascinating prehistoric past.

Once you consider the fact that 20 million years ago this region was a grassy, Serengeti-like plain, perhaps it becomes not so surprising that the Agate Fossil Beds have easily become one of the most impressive fossil sites in North America.

The Burgess Shale, a large black-shale deposit in the Canadian Rockies, has been called the “most significant” fossil-related site in history.

This mighty reputation is surely due to the exceptional preservation of the softest parts of the fossils.

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March 2017 For many dinosaur lovers, a passion for dinosaurs extends beyond special edition Blu-Rays of Jurassic Park, or midnight screenings of Jurassic World.

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