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James Stratton proudly showing me a beautifully engraved brass dial by Joseph Knibb - mine for a mere £3,000 and more.

The top end of the market has remained strong with the price of a William and Mary marquetry cased example in less than perfect condition starting at £5,000.

It might seem a little odd but to qualify as a 'clock' it is essential for the mechanism to incorporate a bell (from the French 'Cloche'), otherwise it is a 'timepiece'.

Regulator's are not peculiar to longcase clocks can be found in other types such as Vienna wall clocks.It's interesting to reflect that 5 years ago the same Grandfather, or to use the proper term, 'Longcase' clock was retailing at about £1,200.North Country clocks offer similar potential with prices starting at £500.If it is necessary to touch the movement (the works), wash and dry your hands thoroughly, because any fingerprints you leave behind will contain natural oils which will cause corrosion over time.For this reason horologists wear white cotton gloves when handling clock parts.

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A 30 hour mechanism is wound by opening the cabinet door and pulling down on an internal chain.

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