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You don’t do that and you don’t tell me the weather is going to suck with a big smile on your face. KDKA, WTAE, WPXI, the next time bad weather is approaching, I can tell people about it in the right way. Now Ya is celebrating its latest milestone, episode 100 of the Ya Jagoff Podcast!Instead of grinning and acting happy as I show the storm tracker, it would be more like… This esteemed honor requires both a Pittsburgh party and a top 10 reasons why you should attend and not be a jagoff attendee!It is a magnificent instrument of great intrinsic value, and after my final and farewell tour of America, it will become priceless to me.

The first of these will be in India in February 2018, two of which will be with the 4D in Mumbai, and one in Bangalore with Shankar Mahadevan, which will be titled “Remembering Shrinivas”, the marvelous Mandolinist in Shakti whom we lost in 2014.

What’s really bothering me is how some of the local weather people handle announcing a storm like this.

Freezing rain, ice and accumulating snow is nothing to smile about.

« God bless mother; I inherited music from her but I also inherited arthritis, so it’s creeping up on me, » Mc Laughlin tells Billboard.

« I think one of the most catastrophic things that could happen would be to go on tour and have a really bad hair day where I’m not really able to play. I don’t want to get confronted with that situation, so I told the guys in the band, and some months ago, that this...

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