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All the answers were clear and concise and the mother noticed that on all five applications, under "Previous Employment", the girl had listed "Baby-sitting".

But then she read, under "Reason for Leaving" her daughter had answered, "Parents came home." "Excuse me," a young fellow said to an older man, "I've just moved here and I wonder if this town has any criminal lawyers." "Well," replied the senior citizen, "I have lived here all my life and all I can tell you is we are pretty sure we do, but no one has been able to prove it yet." Pilot And Ground Crew Communications (from the Navy's Perspective) Naval Aviator: On a carrier, the Naval Aviator looks over at the Catapult Officer ("Shooter") who gives the run up engines signal by rotating his finger above his head..

But then a customer asked me, "Can you deliver it filled with water? " During World War II, an British pilot on flight duty with the Air Force in Europe was shot down and captured by the Germans.

This time-tested tradition is the last link in the Air Force safety net to confirm that the pilot does not have his thumb up his butt.

One is that it is to show that the pilot has identified which of his fingers is the thumb so that he will be able to properly operate his controls.

The most compelling theory says that this is to show the ground crewman that the pilot indeed knows which direction is up. " One night, Tim was walking home from work when, all of a sudden, a thief jumped on him. They rolled about on the ground and Tim put up a tremendous fight.

I'm a driving examiner for the state of Oregon, and while I was giving a road test to a young man, he went through a red light without stopping. However, the thief managed to get the better of him and pinned him to the ground.

I told him that he had automatically failed the test. The thief then went through Tim's pockets and searched him. The thief was so surprised at this that he asked Tim why he had bothered to fight so hard for 25 cents. " Tim replied, "I thought you were after the five hundred dollars I've got in my shoe!

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