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This “User Information List” is located at By looking at this list you can see that several key pieces of information are stored here – unfortunately, when you change this information in Active Directory the information stored here is not updated (even after running a full or incremental import via UPS).

To complicate matters there is no way to edit the information via the browser, thus the need for a Power Shell script.

So, add this guy to your script library and you’ll be good to go next time someone changes their name, email, or job title.

The other day, a client asked me a pretty classic set of questions about customizing Share Point Online list forms.

At that point, I think the need for Info Path will be greatly diminished.

The Share Point Framework is the next gen development model for things like custom Web Parts, which will run client side.

Unfortunately, this means that getting things like cascading dropdowns into forms is becoming harder than it used to be with SPServices.

These new kids on the block are the successors to Info Path, as announced at Microsoft Ignite.Now if we run this modified script we should see the Title field updated: Okay, so what about the other fields (Department, Mobile Number, etc.)?You can see what fields are available to edit by running the following: In the preceding example I’m grabbing a specific item (in this case the item corresponding to my user) so that I can see the internal field names in context with the data stored by the field – this helps to make sure that I grab the correct field name (i.e., “Job Title” vs. Now you can just add additional fields to update right before the call to System Update() – simply follow the pattern established for the title field.They can do a lot, but they may or may not meet your needs at this point. Power Apps would be how you would build the forms themselves and with Flow you can add automation – what we’ve called workflow in the past. This will allow us to embed Power Apps into the list form context, as shown in the screenshot below.This will be a GREAT thing for a lot of list scenarios.

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