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So if she sends a mail with three images, that just cost 20 credits and if you reply that is another 30. The mail has a max capacity of 3,500 characters (that is characters not words) and the text window 300. If you attach a photo (something women request a lot) it will cost 10 credits in chat and free as attachments on messages.

If she sends photos in mails, that is 10 credits each to view (every time) and videos are either 25 or 50 credits to see.

Some people here say that you have to travel to the girl's country at your expense seeing it as a problem.

I can't spot anything wrong because it's more convenient for both if a man comes to where a girl lives.

When I told her I don't do booze, got this lengthy dissertation on how to romance women and i did not know how to do it. The dating web sites will offer you no return for your money these criminals WILL NOT return your money. PLEASE BE CAREFUL ON THESE SITES PLAY OUT YOUR CREDITS DO NOT BUY IN ITS A SCAM Dear Brendon, we are sorry that you had such unpleasant experience with our website.

They claim to be making efforts to clear the fact that the persons handling the chat windows are not in it for the money they make only and will try to maximize the max number of chat back and forth. Now back too Victoria hearts the new spin now is women from USA who put up email addresses and phone numbers I had my email address on the site but obviously none of the eastern Europeans could see it and I don't believe they ever see your profile page as I put up I was 85 and my job was a priest no photo up and still told I love your photo that is why I contact you ....

Also, the software does a good job of not sequencing the boxes. Ok now for the USA version all American looking girls a lot of the girls no photos up but they all send you winks two girls in particular girl 1 from new York sent me a wink said your page was awesome had too contact you.

So you can send a text and will be wise to wait about 15 minutes before checking for a reply. One, at least I, could tell by the grammar plus word usage that the text was not from the same person as before. So either the profile images are several years old (it could be pretty much the case) or the personal photos are fakes. Apparently the woman gets a taste of the prices paid. When I replied she sent back what is your name and where you from [alarmed all ready] then told me she was mixed race and her American father and Ghanain mother had split [alarm] she went onto mention the struggle they were having.

The site contracts 3rd party vendors to supply them with profiles and run what they call validated members.

So from here, it appears that the profiles you see and their text have been "vetted" and found correct.

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But just not any gift, it has to be from the site because you will not get an address to send your gift to it. If you suspect any scam activity from such ladies, please inform us immediately to [email protected] Inc.

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