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Depending on the size of the replication folders, this operation may take several minutes.Causes Connection either to start or to stop including a DSCP value of 18 in packets sent between the Connection servers in a cluster, so a router configured to prioritize packets based on their DSCP value can prioritize Connection data and voice messages. Run this command on subscriber and publisher servers before executing the CLI command utils dbreplication reset or utils dbreblication clusterreset.The Cisco Replication Watcher service blocks other services from starting until database replication is setup and functioning normally.Displays a summary of hardware and software system information for the current Connection server, including the version installed on the active and inactive partitions; whether a cluster is configured; QOS settings; hardware specifications; the amount of used and free disk space on the active, inactive, and common partitions; licensing information; etc.

This large post contains a list of all Cisco UC 9.1(1) CLI commands and their syntax in brief format.

This included CUCM CLI commands, CUC CLI commands and IM & Presence CLI commands.

It's no coincidence that this is the version of UC that is tested on the current CCIE Collaboration exams.

Overwrites the database on the server on which you run this command with the database from the other server in the Connection cluster.

Replication restarts after the database is overwritten.

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