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@didi and some other who watch have problems with this memory loss thing and that turn of is not a messed up thing I can gurantee by any was already going to that point where...Kang Chul and Yeon Joo are the story tellers of W at the background and therefore W should be the story they make together..for Kang Chul memory loss thing..? the plot is brilliant and the chemistry of the lead characters is superb! Big thanks to the production team and the actors who made this possible!However, if your mind is up to it, you'll discover the wondrous possibility of the story.

So there's nothing to be hyped about anything here.

This drama has a lot of positive traits: lee jong suk, the concept, the filmography, the ost, the potential, but eventually it unfolds into a mess without logic (after kang chul loses his memory).

Don't get me wrong, I liked it and I recommend it but I'm still disappointed to see how a show that could be a solid 10 was lowered to a 8 by the end. Top of my favourite drama list along with School 2017, Scarlet Heart and Suspicious Partner. Loved every bit, every scene was perfectly executed and I love the fact that I could try and predict parts of the plot and lines through the drama.

And since killer died, the webtoon's creator got back his face and spent the next few days getting acquainted with Kang Chul (do note that in between that, OYJ was supposed to meet KC for a coffee date or something, but that didn't happen because their outfits were changed a few times that indicated different days or moments up till her black outfit when her father woke up with his face back) But the few scenes after got me totally confused, because daughter went back home, went to the room that she locked her dad in, found it unlocked, dad's face is gone again and nothing was ever mentioned about the past few days the father spent after recovering his face.

I kept waiting for the show to explain about this removal of all the scenes that were forgotten by everyone but the audience, but none was provided, just that the killer is back and even that was done badly.

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