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As these agreements are intended to circumvent the law, they have never held up in court: even where the nominis is a trusted friend, his or her heirs may not feel the same way about the deal that the departed did.

Bali has a caste system, and most Balinese belong to the rice-worker caste.

If someone builds a fancy-schmancy gigantic 3-bedroom villa with an ocean view in A. Other village and rents it for 250 million, that becomes the rate for the myriad mini 3-bedroom villas that will pop up in its wake in A. Food gets more expensive around Idul Fitri, not only because of the enormous evening feasts (iftar) but because Muslims are saving up money to return home.

Oh, yeah, and neighbouring shops will sell identical items at wildly varying prices.

Most rural Balinese don’t have the money to sterilise their dogs, so female puppies tend to be abandoned, leaving a glut of cute animals for foreigners to pick from.

This costs US, lasts 30 days, and can be extended for another 30 days for IDR355,000 (US) independently, or from IDR600,000 (US) using an agent.

You need to leave the country at the end of those 60 days (the old departure tax is now included in tickets).

A revaluation of the rupiah is on the cards over the next few years.

For the moment, there are around 100 rupiah to every US cent, with the smallest coin worth 50 rupiah (sweets are given as a substitute in change) and the largest note a princely 100,000.

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