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Northern Georgia, which rests at the foot of the Appalachian Mountain Range, is a mineral-rich area that contains 17 former asbestos mines and 26 historic prospects.

Nearly all natural asbestos in Georgia forms along the Appalachians, with a vast majority of deposits located in Rabun and White counties.

Although asbestos was used in a wide array of products and industrial settings (e.g., aluminum plants), there were numerous risk factors associated with its use.

Several leading sectors used it extensively before it was recognized as a human carcinogen known to cause medical conditions like lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. Other leading industries in the state associated with asbestos exposure include power generation and manufacturing.The Stevenson campaign smelled a rat when it was discovered that the votes had been cast at the last minute and in alphabetical order.Charges of election fraud ensued, and the disputed contest went all the way to the Supreme Court, where Justice Hugo Black upheld Johnson's 11th-hour win. It would take almost three decades for the truth to out.Presidential historian Robert Dallek writes:"According to the Texas Election Bureau, an unofficial election agency run by Texas newspapers, Stevenson led at midnight by 2,119 votes out of 939,468 counted.'Well, it looks like we've lost,' Lady Bird told Dorothy Nichols on the phone."[2]Or so it seemed.

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Question: Where did the moniker "Landslide Lyndon" come from, referring to Lyndon B. The bigger-than-life Texan picked up "Landslide Lyndon" in 1948, in a runoff race for the U. LBJ, no pushover, had served for 11 years in the U. House of Representatives and developed the reputation of being a "Texas wunderkind."[1] Nevertheless, the result looked bad for Johnson.

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