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It's almost always possible to fabricate a cable which will physically join two components; but whether that cable, once installed in the system, will actually successfully convey a signal from point A to point B is another question, which has more to do with signal types than with connector types.A cable is a transmission line; its function is to get signals from point to point without meaningful alteration.Unlike an RF signal, a composite video signal does not need to be demodulated to be understood by a video display.Like other baseband video formats, a composite video signal does not carry any audio content, which must be handled separately.Just as s-video requires two signal-carrying wires instead of one, component video requires three to convey the whole signal.

SDI is serial digital video, run in an unbalanced line unlike DVI, and used primarily in professional production environments.

"DVI-A" is nothing but RGBHV in a funny connector, and isn't digital at all.

"DVI-I" isn't really a signal type, but refers, as we'll review later, to a connector type which combines DVI-A and DVI-D.

RF is used as a distribution medium because (1) it propagates through the air very well, making it suitable for over-the-air broadcast, and (2) many video signals can be modulated at many different frequencies, it's possible for us to have many "channels" available simultaneously without having them interfere with one another.

Composite Video is a single signal which carries both the chrominance (color) and luminance (brightness) components of a video signal, along with sync information, on a single wire.

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